Our Commitment To You
Mar 25, 2020

Perhaps the most ingrained trait that we as Americans share is our ability to persevere through hardship. We never lose our natural optimism and our expectation that on the other side of the valley – boundless opportunities await those who are resilient, who believe in themselves, their organizations and their partners.

This trait is also part of our lineage at EGR/BlackLab Media. We believe, and always have, that out of crisis comes opportunity and that when trying times occur, as they are now, we need to stand tall and focus more than ever on our client partners. We need to work to provide creative, modern solutions that help our clients and their constituents persevere and win in uncertain times.

That is our sole, unending job – to ensure that our clients prosper and to bring them agile, effective solutions.

So, during this time of the never-ending narrative about the COVID-19 virus, I want to ensure you that we are:

– Continuing to protect our client interests on a 24/7 basis (even when working remotely)
– Pivoting client programming when possible to delay or postpone live engagement events to minimize the financial impact to our clients
– Crafting new actionable, strategic opportunities to allow our clients to take advantage of the current business situation instead of becoming victims of the crisis through inaction

Over the course of the next few weeks, my team and I will be sending you short messages that we hope will help you think about how to capture opportunities during this stressful time. 

In the personal conversations we’ve had thus far with many of you, you have indicated that you would like to hear more about these topics:

– How to keep your remote workforce engaged
– How to convert live events to digital events
– How to interact with your channel sales force in a way that is sensitive to the current climate, but that will keep business moving forward
– What types of engagement strategies leading-edge companies are using to navigate this new environment

Thank you, on behalf of the entire team here at EGR, for trusting us to be your engagement partner.  We take that role seriously and it will take much more than this virus to deter us from our mission.

Lastly, I hope you, your family and your work teams are and remain healthy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally anytime if you have any questions, comments or concerns that I or my team here at EGR can assist you with.

 Until then, my best personal regards –

Jeffrey Grisamore
President & CEO
EGR International Inc + BlackLab Media