5 Reasons to Use Gamification At Your Next Meeting or Event
Sep 25, 2018


Games play a large part in satisfying our internal motivators and enhancing our ability to identify new concepts. They enable your attendees and employees to learn and understand information quickly and with ease. Gamification can align the goals and brand messaging of your business in a fun and engaging way that will make an unforgettable impression.

Here are a few ideas to help increase engagement at your next meeting or event:

1. Leaderboards
(If you want to create team collaboration + competition)
• You can make a physical leaderboard or promote one electronically that you can upload to your event app.
• Promote in your email communications days leading up to your event.
• The tasks required to level up should be known, not arbitrary.
• The awards must be consistent and the boards updated regularly + public.
• Award top leaders or sharers on the app or social media with a prize at the beginning of your event in order to drive action and competition.

2. Badges + Scavenger Hunts
(If you want to create higher thinking + friendly competition)
• Badges can be awarded physically or in online profiles in an event community.
• A budget-friendly way to create engagement without cost.
• Create levels on name badges that people could wear. It will promote a conversation and friendly competition everyone can see.
• Present clear and easy steps to follow.
• Must be updated consistently and frequently to encourage participation.
• Prizes can include a discount on services, an exclusive insider experience or something that plays into their intrinsic values as individuals.

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3. Loyalty Programs
(If you want to encourage attendees to perform an action or spread a message repeatedly)
• The more an attendee performs the desired action, the quicker they level up to an even higher rewards program.
• Create an opportunity for return attendees/sponsors or an “all-access pass” and include benefits that no one else receives but them.
• Show them that their repeated actions reap the best benefits in the end.

4. Greet + Share
(If you want to form new connections and generate good relationships)
• Set up showcases, workshops or other opportunities for people to start a conversation throughout your events, such as dinner meetings or 30-second “meet and greets”.
• Have keynote speakers or key influencers guide attendees to do an icebreaker.
• Encourage attendees to fill out their full profiles on their event app or wear badges to add fun and interesting things about each individual that would prompt a conversation between attendees.

5. Event App
(If you want your attendees to always be connected and up-to-date)
• Readily send attendees news/updates to keep them informed and your company’s message top-of-mind.
• Allow them to see an overview of the program – help them personalize or plan their schedules to be more aligned with their needs.
• Increase interaction between attendees through newsfeeds, social media, and meeting requests.
• Generate real-time analytics to modify and adjust to the attendees’ needs as the event is happening.

Event organizers have an advantage by using gamification to increase their attendees’ engagement. Providing those in person interactive experiences and experiential learning can provide attendees with a much more satisfied feeling and understanding of how their needs align with your business. However, gamifying your event needs to begin with an objective. Think about the type of message or the benefits you want to communicate first in order to use gamification to amplify or enhance your attendees’ experience.