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About The Project

A nationwide conference energizes and activates over 2,700 eyecare professionals.


The Vision Source Exchange is a dynamic conference that includes over two thousand of the most successful eye care professionals in the nation, offering valuable continuing education, inspirational keynote speakers, and Exchange-only pricing from over 100 vendors. EGR was enlisted to produce the General Session main stage content for this important program. We knew we had to design a dynamic run of show that would reinforce Vision Source’s commitment to their members, while at the same time creating value for the more than 30 companies who earned stage time for their level of sponsorship.



A brand narrative that connects people to purpose

EGR began by crafting a program theme and narrative: One Community, One Focus, One Future. This narrative was designed to impact the audience on an emotional level by connecting with their passion for their profession and reminding them of Vision Source’s unwavering commitment to its community of eye care professionals.


A dramatic three-quarter in the round stage creates a sense of intimacy

Our designers leveraged the unique space in the Houston Convention Center to create a stage set that was three quarters in the round. The round shape of the stage echoed the repeated ‘O’ in One Community, One Focus, One Future theme and its intimate size brought viewers closer to the speakers on all three sides. A super widescreen dominated the middle of the room with satellite screens flanking the sides, angled out for optimal viewing from stage right and left.


Opening entertainment energizes the audience

We began the program with a high-energy performance from the local Houston rockets drummers and hype dancers who cascaded into the auditorium one after the other, through the aisles and up onto the stage, making a grand entrance and energizing the crowd.


Sponsor segments jam-packed with content

In addition to executive commentary and keynote speakers, Vision Source includes stage time for the 30 top sponsors of the event that include some of the biggest names in healthcare. Each 8-12 minute sponsor segment is complex, including visuals, videos, entertainers, props, actors, special effects, and more – and there is less than one minute of transition between each. Our production team which included a team of writers, visual designers, scriptwriters, and technical experts liaised with over 30 different contacts – each considered a VIP to Vision Source – to ensure their segment was produced exactly as envisioned.


Big name speakers create a draw

Big name speakers Dominique Dawes and Jesse Itzler made a splash during key moments of the three-day general session.


David Katz stuns with a highly personalized story

The most moving speaker of the conference was internationally acclaimed photojournalist David Katz who had been enlisted to document Vision Source’s philanthropy work in Tanzania, Africa. David started his presentation with images of the villagers he had visited, many of them from a special school for albinism, a condition that leaves children vulnerable in Africa and that can dramatically affect eyesight. For many of these villagers, it was the first time they had seen an eye doctor in their lives. What David revealed mid-way through his talk, is that he too suffers from albinism – and that he had just recently revealed to the media and to all his former clients, that he is in fact legally blind. He went on to talk about his personal and professional journey, persevering in spite of adversity, and what it truly means to a patient to be treated with kindness and compassion. He connected deeply with the audience through his inspiring words and earned a three-minute standing ovation at the end of his talk.


Vision Source members are energized and inspired

At the end of the three-day conference, Vision Source members were highly energized about their commitment to the organization and ready to move into the next year with a bold bright new vision for the future.