SigniaAugmented Xperience Launch

About The Project

A virtual launch of Signia’s groundbreaking new hearing aid technology.


Signia is a manufacturer of hearing aids and a key brand in the WH Audiology portfolio, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of hearing aids. The Signia brand targets younger, more active customers. It seeks to remove the stigma associated with hearing aids by positioning Signia hearing aids as devices that aren’t just about correcting a loss, but about enhancing human performance.

Signia was about to launch Signia Augment Xperience, a new breakthrough technology that would revolutionize the way their patients heard the world. The technology far surpassed anything on the market, so this was Signia’s opportunity to make a big impact on their customer base – the audiologists who proscribed and fit hearing devices for their patients.

As an added challenge, Signia had to convert the launch event to a virtual format instead of an in-person event. This required a fast turnaround to adapt the launch plans for an online audience.



A Solution that delivers – virtually.

EGR designed a multi-pronged digital campaign and product launch event to generate brand awareness, build trust with audiologists, and demonstrate how life-changing this breakthrough technology really was.


Branding the experience

The first thing we set out to do was create a cohesive brand for all of Signia’s virtual communications. We unified everything under the umbrella of ‘Signia Live’ so that all communications were positioned as part of a larger customer journey.


Teasing the new technology

We needed to get audiologists excited about the big product launch that was coming, but without revealing ahead of time exactly what it was. We did this by assembling a small team of documentary filmmakers to capture the moment on film when patients tested the brand-new hearing aids for the first time. A teaser reel was compiled showing powerful patient reactions and inviting audiologists to register for the Live Broadcast Launch Event so they could find out for themselves just what all the fuss was about.


Message delivery as unique as the product itself

The teaser video was delivered in a form-factor as unique as the new product itself. A multi-dimensional mailer folded out to reveal a QR code that could be snapped to view the video.


A polished look-live broadcast filmed at HQ

EGR scripted and produced a dynamic broadcast segment that streamed as a ‘look-live’ production to customers. Our set designers created a low-cost branded set right in the heart of their corporate headquarters and our film crew captured segments with Signia executives, trainers and product experts, explaining the virtues of the new Signia Augmented Xperience. The final piece had the polish of a television show, but because it was filmed ahead of time, it was a low-stress experience for all of the content contributors.


Capturing the customer patient reaction: Jackie's Story

We knew the best way to build trust with the audiologists and demonstrate the power of this new technology was to allow the patients to do the talking. Working with Signia and one of their key customers, we identified patient Jackie Hollywood as an ideal candidate. Our documentary film crew captured Jackie working in his auto garage in Staten Island and spoke to him about what it’s like to live with hearing loss after years of working around noisy machinery. We filmed the visit with his audiologist when he received his new Signia Augmented Xperience hearing aids, and what a difference they made in the quality of his daily life. Our team crafted a powerful 5-minute documentary of Jackie’s Story that was played during the live broadcast, and then used subsequently on social media.


Audiologists watched on a branded microsite

Signia customers watched the live broadcast on a branded microsite that included the simulated live feed, a chat feed where viewers could post comments and photos, a full agenda, speaker bios and links to resources where they could learn more about the new product and access related marketing materials.

The product launch was a success – despite the challenge of not being able to meet in person with customers – and more patients than ever are currently benefiting from Signia’s Augmented Xperience technology.