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Introducing EGR’s Building Products Group

Providing best-in-class channel and employee engagement strategies and solutions for the building products and home improvement industry.

The EGR Building Products Group provides best-in-class channel engagement solutions for America’s leading building materials/home improvement companies. When it comes to engaging, inspiring, and motivating your channel partners and customers, you need to think beyond traditional distribution strategies.

The future success of companies in the Building Products space will be built on relationships founded on partnership and entrepreneurism vs. the traditional ‘lowest price’ model that simply commoditizes your products in a highly competitive landscape.

We can help you do more than just increase your sales. We can help you convert your customers into engaged brand advocates invested in your long-term success.

Use Engagement to See Real Results

Make your customers excited about your products.

Starbucks, Apple, FedEx, Costco… what do these companies all have in common?

These companies are so engaged with their associates and customers that they have literally created a ‘community of apostles’ – customers and employees who are so committed to their products and services, it renders marketing almost unnecessary.

Engagement is a business strategy that achieves long-term financial results by strategically aligning the engagement of customers, distribution partners, sales people, and all human capital outside and inside an organization, creating partners in success who are emotionally and financially committed to your brand.

Harness the Power of the Female Market

Women are the most underserved market in the building products space.

Women are expected to dominate the consumer economy for the next 25 years or longer. Women are the key influencers in about 80% of all consumer product sales in the United States alone. The gender gap is a source of missed opportunities and lost revenue, and it should be addressed through education and training at all levels. The sheer force of women as purchasers redefines target markets and should heavily influence selling techniques.

EGR is an industry leader in research on selling to women and can help you make this a priority in your organization. Let’s start the conversation today!

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